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Stop Your House Repossession!

Stop House Repossession

We understand that the threat of house repossession can be extremely stressful. If you are worried, it's important to act straightaway. Call us for free, now, on 0800 078 9582 (or on 0161 920 7901 at local rates) and speak to one of our experienced team members.

At Fast Sale Homes, our aim is to provide those facing home repossession with a stress-free, workable solution. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to help you delay repossession or even prevent it happening at all.

We Can Stop Repossession Now!

  • We stop evictions and prevent home repossessions
  • We do not charge fees
  • Fair and transparent offers and terms
  • We ensure a highly discreet service

A Company You Can Trust

Fast Sale Homes is a registered member of both The Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers. As such, we are under obligation to follow their strict codes of practice and regulations. By choosing Fast Sale Homes, you are assured of the highest standards of service.

  • The National Association Of Property Buyers
  • The Property Ombudsman

Featured In

Our company has been featured in The Times, The Sunday Times and The Independent.

  • "Our circumstances meant we needed a fast sale of our house and our experience was a good one with no pressure. Selling our house was a simple process and we were given lots of help. The advisors were excellent and spent time to explain everything in detail."
    Mr Broughton, Bristol
  • "After falling behind on my mortgage due to illness I was desperate to sell my house as quickly as possible to stop mounting mortgage arrears. I needed a reputable company that could buy my house quickly for a good price and they ticked all the boxes."
    Miss Cowan, Hertfordshire

Our Three Step Process to Stopping a House Repossession

  1. Contact Us for a Free Cash Offer

    If it is located in the UK, we will buy your house regardless of its condition. Either fill in our online form or contact us directly to receive a no-obligation, cash offer.

    To give you the best possible offer, we will need to take some details about your house when we speak to you and send a surveyor to assess your property.

  2. We'll Deal with Your Banks and Mortgage Lender

    To stop repossession taking place and to reduce the pressure on you, we'll deal with banks, mortgage lenders and other creditors. We'll also take care of all the legal work involved in the sale. We'll even pay your legal fees for the sale of the house.

  3. Pay Off Your Mortgage and Get Your Money Quickly

    We can complete the sale as quickly as 7 days, however, the decision when to complete is down to you. If you need longer before moving out, that is fine.

    On completion, the money from the sale will be used to pay off your mortgage and any mortgage arrears. Anything left over will be yours to spend as you wish.

Why Use Us to Stop House Repossessions

One of the main reasons customers use Fast Sale Homes company is because we can stop repossessions quickly.

A quick sale is essential when banks, mortgage lenders or other creditors are threatening a house repossession order. In these circumstances, selling traditionally via an estate agent can take too long. You need a cash buyer, not someone stuck in a chain, and you need the right price.

An estate agent cannot guarantee this. We can. And it doesn't matter what condition your house is in, either: if it's located in the United Kingdom, we will buy it.

At Fast Sale Homes, we can put an end to your mortgage and home repossession difficulties by offering you a fair cash sum for your house and dealing with your bank, mortgage lender and other creditors on your behalf.

Our ability to complete the sale as quickly as you need to means you can pay off your mortgage, loan and any arrears, finally putting an end to the worries and stress.

How to Stop a House Being Repossessed Without Selling

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to stop a house repossession without having to sell your house. For further information about how this may be achieved, consult the following organisations.

  • Citizens Advice Bureau - The Citizens Advice website and local CAB offices can help with a range of debt issues and provide guidance about your rights.
  • National Debtline - A highly respected, charity-run, debt advice service offering free, impartial advice.
  • UK Government Website - The website provides repossession advice from HM Government.
  • PayPlan - Free debt management plans and advice about individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and debt.
  • StepChange - StepChange offers free, practical advice on debt problems.

The Fast Sale Homes Team

The Fast Sale Homes team has expert knowledge of today's housing market and vast experience in the property field. Many of our staff members have local expertise and have previously worked as managers in estate agencies.

We're here to provide all the help you need to sell your house fast and stop repossession.

Industry Regulators and Redress Schemes

If you have an issue with the services provided by a quick house sale company, your first course of action should be to follow their complaints procedure.

If you're not satisfied with how the complaint is handled, you can take the matter up with the organisations listed below:

  • The Property Ombudsman - The official online resource for the UK Ombudsman Scheme for Estate Agents. It provides a free, impartial and independent service for the resolution of unresolved disputes between consumers and property agents.
  • The National Association of Property Buyers - Catering specifically for the quick house sale industry, it aims to improve standards and offer sellers information needed to make an informed choice.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau - The Citizens Advice Bureau website provides visitors with access to important information on their rights. It has specific information on quick house sales.
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What our customers have to say

We wanted a fast, no hassle sale and that's exactly what we got, constant contact throughout the whole process, would highly recommend, thank you Tom Bedder for a fast efficient service. Thanks again.

Maxine Wright

Great company! Really fast and it meant I didn't have to waste my time showing people round. Everything completed within two weeks! Very friendly and knowledgeable and I recommend them!


I would highly recommend this company as we had never done this before, and was a difficult process for us. After losing our mum so suddenly, I just want to thank them a lot for the help they have given to us.

Paige Taylor Haydon