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National Home Buyers

We are proud to deliver a quick, easy and efficient service across the entire UK. We are national home buyers, which mean that we specialize in purchasing properties all over the nation.

We have a great deal of experience behind us when it comes to buying properties and helping our customers, afterall we are national home buyers and have helped thousands of people from all over the UK. We know just how difficult and drawn-out the process of selling your property can typically be. That's why we aim to do things differently. We put the customer's needs first and cut out all the unnecessary hassle that comes with using a traditional estate agent. Our philosophy is one of understanding: we understand how stressful selling your home and making a fresh start can be; we understand the frustration of exorbitant fees; we understand that sometimes you need to make a quick and easy sale, and can't wait months and months to complete a sale. Fast Sale Homes will find a solution tailored to you and promise to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Our unique approach allows us to offer extremely competitive prices. In fact, we consistently beat most other buyers in the market on price. We also manage to complete most sales in just under month, unlike estate agents who can take up to a year to find your house a buyer and complete the exchange. We don't charge fees either. And whether you're going through a tricky divorce; looking to relocate; have inherited a house you can't keep; or just want to free up some cash, we will take the time to understand your situation and deliver the service you need.

So if you're looking to sell your house without the hassle, get in touch with Fast Sale Homes today and get yourself a quote. Selling your house has never been easier.


Some landlords can feel overwhelmed by the size of their portfolio and the state of their houses. Keeping up with regulations can also be a daily struggle. We can buy your property off you outright, reducing your stress and allowing you to focus on your other houses.

Having to manage lots of properties can be a pain. You might feel that you've taken on too much and some of your properties aren't worth the upkeep. Perhaps your tenants aren't meeting their payments and the property is no longer a sound investment. If any of these things ring true, then get in touch with Local Property Byers and we can purchase your property directly from you for a competitive price.

You might also be struggling to pay off mortgage repayments. If that's the case, then we can also help you undertake a smooth and quick sale. Some of our clients have also converted houses into flats and find that they can't find tenants to move in. Again, Fast Sale Homes can help.

If you find yourself in more troubled waters and one of your properties is under threat of repossession, we can ensure that you sell the property before the court intervenes. We have a team of specialist lawyers that are equipped to deal with such situations. Or, finally, you might be ready for retirement and want to sell your properties outright so you can look forward to a peaceful, stress free future. With Fast Sale Homes, we will make sure your retirement gets off to a smooth start.

Whatever the reason you need to sell - we buy any house whether one of your properties simply isn't performing as well as the rest and your want to focus your attention on the rest of your portfolio - Local Property Buyer's offer the simplest and fastest service around. So don't delay and get in touch to receive your FREE, no obligation offer.


For some people, inherited properties create more problems than their worth. The house could be in a hard to reach location; it might need a lot of work to do up; or perhaps you just don't have the time to manage another property besides your own. Vacant properties can attract squatters and invite the risk of vandalism. If you want to access the equity that your loved one has left behind for you but can't stomach having to deal with estate agents and solicitor fees, then Fast Sale Homes could buy your property off you in just under a month.

Sometimes receiving a property in a will can be a blessing; but other times, it can present a difficult burden. Even if you want to sell, you still might have to refurbish the entire house; track down an estate agent that you can trust; pay solicitor and estate agent fees up front; and wait almost half a year, on average, for the process to be complete.

Fast Sale Homes can help make the whole process much, much smoother. We typically complete sales in just under a month for example. We also don't demand any fees and offer very competitive prices for houses, all over the UK. Finally, we will buy a property, whatever condition it is, saving you and your family money and time while you're still grieving. Fast Sale Homes understand that inheriting a property is not always good news and we will always look for the right solution to suit your situation.


Thousands of people across the UK face the threat of repossession every single day. Repossession poses more than the threat of just the loss of your house however. It can also lead to a bad credit rating, which can make future borrowing hard. Fast Sale Homes can apply for a "stay of repossession" on your behalf and buy your property within a month – before the house is repossessed, leaving you with nothing. In fact, we have a team of solicitors who can halt the repossession process and settle your arrears in full. Complete our online form to receive your FREE, no obligation offer.

London House

Financial Difficulties

You're debts are continuing to rise and rise and monthly bills are stacking up. You worry that before long you're going to find yourself with too much debt to handle and are at risk of being declared bankrupt. Sound familiar? Fast Sale Homes can help to put a full stop to your financial woes. We will buy your house because we are national home buyers, we help you to release much needed cash and banish your debts once and for all.

Many people fall into a vicious cycle of debt and feel powerless to escape. Moreover, when you need cash fast and have debts to pay, the prospect of going through an estate agent can be daunting. It could be months before you release the equity tied up in your property. And the legal and estate agents fees come at a time when you really need to be keeping hold of all your money.

For several reasons, selling your house via Fast Sale Homes is a much better option for people who find themselves in dire financial straits. For a start, we don't charge any excessive solicitor or legal fees, so that you don't have to dish out more money when you need it most. We also don't require you to refurbish your home ahead of the sale, saving you both more money and time. Finally, we typically complete most of our purchases in just under four weeks - so you can access the equity tied up in your home before it's too late.

If you need to free up some extra cash quickly, without too much fuss, and with people you trust, then fill out our online form and receive your FREE, no obligation offer today. You've got nothing to lose.


Divorce can be a difficult and long drawn out process, not to mention emotionally draining for all involved. We hope to make the process that bit less stressful by overseeing a quick and easy sale of your house. It some cases, it can take anywhere between six and twelve months to sell your home via a traditional estate agent. We can streamline the entire process and could buy your property off you within just four weeks.

Whether or not a divorce requires you to move or you have to sell your family home to settle a payment, Fast Sale Homes promise to treat your case with the compassion and understanding it deserves. We know that when you've got so much else on your plate, the last thing you want is to have to worry about finding the right buyer, refurbishing your house, and worrying that any potential deal might fall through at the last minute. Fast Sale Homes take all of this out of the equation. We will buy your home off you whatever the condition, complete a quick sale, and commit to a sale, allowing you and your family to focus their attention on the things that matter.

If you're going through a difficult divorce and are looking for a quick and painless answer to selling your house, fill out our online form for a FREE, and no obligation offer.

Broken Chain

When selling your house through traditional estate agents, the "chain" of purchase can break down at any time - whether it's at the estate agent, solicitor or buyer stage. With Fast Sale Homes, you are only dealing with us, so the chances of the sale breaking down are nil.

Indeed, we buy directly off all our clients. This is has various advantages. For example, unlike traditional estate agents, we do not require you to refurbish your home in advance of a sale. We also don't take any estate agent fees or legal fees - we cover all those ourselves. But, most importantly, once we commit to a sale you can rest assured that it will 100% go through. There are no middlemen to upset the deal.

If you are in urgent need of extra cash; need to free up equity from your home; or have to sell your house as soon as possible for reasons for divorce or relocation, then don't run the risk of having your sale derailed by going through a traditional estate agent. Once a fee is agreed, well take care of the rest.

We are national home buyers

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What our customers have to say


Fast Sale Homes pretty much saved my life. I was under tremendous pressure facing repossession. I could not sleep, my family was suffering, and the stress was starting to over come me. Fast Sale Homes bought my house in just over a week and I settled my debts. My family and I are now putting our lives back together and moving on. I am not sure I would have made it without Ed and the team.

Keith, Hull

My husband and I found our dream retirement home in Somerset, however we just couldn't find a buyer for our long term home in Barnsley. We approached Fast Sale Homes, and found ourselves ready to move and complete on both the purchase and the sale in under a month. The Fast Sale Homes team were super helpful and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

Bernadette, Somerset

The team at Fast Sale Homes helped me through a difficult time in my life. They helped minimise the time it took and offered me a fair deal, all the while being polite and professional. Thank you Fast Sale Homes.

Parker, Stoke-On-Trent