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13 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling & How You Can Fix This Today


A red for sale-sign was secured to your top-notch garden. People, cars and even the odd squirrel passed by the house. At first, selling your home was exciting. Yet, the buzz is long gone. Viewers are simply ‘time-wasters’. Now, you are starting to wonder why your house is not selling. Sound about right?

If you want to sell your home quickly, you are reading the right article. The first step is to identify why it hasn’t sold. We have created a list of 13 reasons why houses don’t sell. Of course, we also suggest a solution (or two) for each problem.

1. The house isn’t marketed at the correct price


Photo Credit: Jaruwan Jaiyangyuen / Shutterstock

An overpriced house is a common mistake that homeowners make when selling. Homeowners that have heavily invested in renovations may find that they accidentally exceeded their neighbourhood’s ceiling price. Your home could be breathtaking but is unlikely to sell if overpriced.

2. Your home’s decor and design is too niche

We often find that prospective buyers are less likely to buy homes with brightly coloured walls or very individualist features. If you are having plenty of viewings, but no offers, it is worth evaluating whether you can neutralise your home to enhance its appeal.

3. The estate agents aren’t right for you

Estate agent shows prospective buyers around the house

Photo Credit: StockLite / Shutterstock

Choosing the right estate agent is essential. After all, they are selling your home! A little mistake could discourage prospective buyers. For example, the wrong attitude, one white lie or a mishap with timings.

If your home isn’t selling, check whether your realtor has been selling homes for other clients. If not, you could request a different estate agent or agency altogether! Alternatively, it may be time to consider selling the house yourself.

4. The photos don’t do your property justice

Do you have good quality images to sell the house?

Photo Credit: Proxima Studio /Shutterstock

It is essential to review the photos chosen to represent your home. Homes without pictures are less likely to accumulate attention. However, bad photos will put buyers off altogether! If the images are bad, ask for a do-over. It will be worth it, trust us.

Before the photos are taken, implement staging throughout your home. Ensure the house is immaculate and all of your personal belongings are out of sight. Equally, remember the photos must be professional.

5. Your marketing technique is letting you down


Photo Credit: Tero Vesalainen

The chosen marketing technique could be another reason that your home isn’t selling. Speak with your agency to find out how they have been promoting your home. With or without the estate agency, perhaps, it is time to take marketing into your own hands.

Everything is digital these days. Make sure your home is represented online, particularly on prominent sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove. If your home is already being marketed online, what do the descriptions say? Maybe it’s time to freshen them up. Get social. Promote your home on Twitter, Insta and Facebook.

However, keep in mind, you want the traditional marketing techniques in place as well. For example, the good old ‘for sale signs’ and paper brochures in the agency. Next time you pop into your estate agency, check that they are keeping their brochures up-to-date and that you are happy with how they have promoted your home.

6. Your home is in poor condition

If your home is in poor condition, it could slow down the selling process. There are a few renovations which will add value to your home before you sell and also help your property appeal to prospective buyers. For example, you could invest in a new conservatory or add a driveway to your home.

However, you can sell your home as it is. Yes, even if your home needs major repairs. While refurbishing your house will add value, it does take time and is not a requirement. If your home is in poor condition, selling your property at an auction is a great way to close a deal with investors.

7. There is too much clutter

Equally, your home might not sell if it is too cluttered. It is time to pack your family photos, the kid’s medals and sports gear. Free up space on the counters, display cabinets and floors. Think like a minimalist, even if you are a hoarder.

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves in your home. If the house is too cluttered, it can prevent a prospective buyer from picturing themselves living there. Equally, it distracts a buyer from the space and makes the home appear smaller.

8. Current tenants are putting off buyers

Your current tenants could be the problem. If they feel their tenancy will come to an end, they may intentionally put off buyers. However, this can also be unintentional, like leaving out dirty dishes. If this is the case, maybe you shouldn’t sell a home with tenants.

9. Neighbours aren’t attracting new settlers


Photo Credit: Gustavo Frazao / Shutterstock

Considering your area is important. Do you have good neighbours and what kind of buyers will they attract? If you are seeking a family with young children, teens smoking weed on the corner won’t help you out.

If this is the case, consider marketing to a different buyer or choose a home-buying-company instead. Alternatively, we suggest promoting viewings in the mornings as the neighbours are least likely to be a problem at this time.

10. Unfortunately, the home is in a bad location


Photo Credit: doomu / Shutterstock

The location is another reason why prospective buyers may not be queuing up to buy your home. If your location isn’t ideal, don’t be dismayed. For starters, you can always highlight it’s selling points.

However, if you are reading this article because you have already done that, it might be time to consider other options. For example, try selling it to a business that buys any home, irrespective of location.

11. Your dog isn’t the greeting prospective buyers wanted


Photo Credit: Margarita Mindebaeva / Shutterstock

This one might sound silly, but it’s true. Pets can be a fundamental reason why you aren’t getting offers. Prospective buyers need to feel relaxed to explore the house without fearing an approaching dog. Of course, not all buyers are scared of dogs.

However, if you have a family member or friend nearby, why not ask them to take care of your pet for a couple of hours. Additionally, keep in mind that some buyers may have allergies. Therefore, be sure to keep your home free from dog-hair!

12. The home has tight time constraints for viewings

How flexible have you been with your estate agents? It is essential to provide them with enough time to show prospective buyers your home. Of course, this gets tricky if you have tenants living there. However, it is in your interest to make your property available for viewings.

13. You are ignoring constructive feedback


Portrait Images Asia By Nonwarit / Shutterstock

Finally, it is vital to listen to your agents and prospective buyers regarding any feedback they give you. Trust us. This feedback is like gold! Ignoring feedback could be a contributing factor to a slow sale.

How can you speed up the home-selling process?

If your home hasn’t been selling, we advice working your way through our checklist to identify the root cause. Hopefully, it is a quick fix! However, if you are not so lucky, it may be worth considering the ‘three-step sell house fast’ option to speed up the process.

This three-step option allows you to sell within days or weeks. It’s entirely up to you. The process is simple: get a free valuation, agree on a price and choose your sale date. If you have any queries as to why your home isn’t selling, contact us, and we will happily discuss your situation with you.

You may also be interested in our ultimate guide to selling a house.


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