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How to make your home look expensive: 6 Top Tips

expensive home

Have you ever wondered how to make your house look more expensive? Whether you’re simply trying to redecorate or looking to sell your house, glamorising your home can seem like an impossible task. But believe it or not, it’s doesn’t have to be hard or break the bank. 

Take a look at our 6 top tips on how to make your home look more expensive in minutes.

Remove Clutter

The first – and most essential – tip is to remove any clutter before adding additional items to your home. Your house is never going to look expensive if it is used as a storage room, covered in dirt and random items – no matter how much you spend on decor.

If you want your house to look luxurious, ensure all rooms are clutter-free to create the illusion of a spacious abode. After all, remember, quality over quantity. Clean out any unnecessary items and decorations that you no longer love or use – this will accentuate the items you do love.

Add flowers/nature

To make your home look more expensive it is vital to pay attention to detail. Adding flowers is an easy way to make your home fresh and welcoming, whether they are real or faux. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to do this, as a great look can be achieved by simply collecting some nature from outdoors. For instance, Autumnal leaves or berries, and delicate Spring blossoms can look fantastic when displayed in your home for all to see. You may also want to consider planting your own seedlings or herbs in a pot, and place around your home.

Fresh flowers can spruce up every room in the house and make your home look considerably more expensive. Try to stick to one colour scheme per room, and supplement with greenery or twigs from the garden for a more designer bouquet look. Alternatively, orchids always look elegant, bloom for a long time and are a relatively inexpensive option.

flowers to make your home look more expensive
PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ Africa Studio

Improve your lighting

Lighting is an easy and effective technique to transform your house in seconds. Not only does lighting make your home look expensive, but it is a great option to add value to your home before selling. After all, lighting is one of the most important aspects potential buyers look for when buying a home.

Arguably, lighting in a house is just as important as the décor surrounding it. So, if you want your house to look more expensive, take time experimenting with different lights until you find the perfect one. Within every room consider how to accentuate the rooms’ decor using lights. For example, if you have artwork placed up on the walls, you’ll want to make sure this is under the spotlight and not hidden in the dark.

Furthermore, it is useful to opt for more elegant light fixtures such as chandeliers to create focal points in important rooms, such as the reception room or dining room. In addition, investing in more unique, eye catching lampshades can instantly make your home look more expensive.

lights over a dining table to make your home look more expensive
PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/Artazum

Add texture

Adding texture is an inexpensive way to create an air of luxury in your home. Simply add small accessories around your house, to instantly make it look more expensive. 

Think about adding velvet or silk cushions across your sofa that are large in size, as they are often deemed more luxurious then smaller ones – designers making sure all cushions are at least 18 inches in height. If you do not want to invest in new cushions, try to stuff your current ones with new cushion inners to make them look plumper and brand-new.

Furthermore, placing throws over chairs is a quick way of making the space more glamourous. Faux fur throws are particularly luxurious, and these can be bought on a budget from stores such as Home Sense or Ikea.

Placing candles on coffee tables or on mantel pieces is an easy way to add luxury into your home. They will not only create a cosy and homely environment; they will also make your house look more visually expensive too.

large throws and cushions to make your home look more expensive
PhotoCredit; ShutterStock/ PlusONE


Repainting areas in your home is an effective technique to make your house look more expensive, whether this be on the interior or exterior of your home.

Add some kerb appeal to your home by giving your front door a fresh lick of paint. This make a significant impact and make your house look expensive in minutes.

Freshen up your interior by painting the walls of your home, paying careful attention to any marked or faded paintwork – a given if you have children! When buying paint, bear in mind, that matte paint has a popular ‘flat’ look but can be difficult to clean, whereas satin and gloss paint are hard wearing, reflect light and have a shinier appearance.

Do consider colour carefully, as some colours are considered ‘warm’, whereas others are ‘cool’, and work best in certain scenarios. For instance, a long narrow room may benefit from a wall painted in a darker shade at the end, to create an “accent wall”.

Although white walls may look sleek, they can sometimes look too bland and cold. In this case, it is a good idea to add some brightly coloured artwork or furniture to complement it. When in doubt, choose a light ‘off-white’ colour to make a space feel open, bright and clean.

repainting your walls to make your home look more expensive
PhotoCredit:ShutterStock/ visivastudio

Use Mirrors

To add glam to any room, invest in a luxurious oversized mirror to create a focal point. Simply, lean any large mirror against a wall or place them on a mantel piece, to instantly make your house look more expensive, or place a group of smaller mirrors together for a similar look.

This will help to open up the room and enhance the room’s lighting, thus creating the illusion of a larger space.

large mirror to make your home look more expensive
PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/New Africa

If you’re trying to sell your house but are struggling to make it look more glamorous and expensive. Don’t panic. Fast Sale Homes buy any house, in any condition, so you don’t need to worry about re-vamping it beforehand. Take a look at our website, to sell your house today.

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