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How to Make your House Sell Faster

Making your house sell sooner rather than later isn’t rocket science and can be done in a few simple steps. Maybe you’ve got your eye on another great house and need to sell your current house before you can purchase your dream home. Or you’re simply in financial trouble and need to sell your house fast before the situation worsens – whatever your reason – it’s understandable that once you list your house on the market, you want it to sell quickly and at a decent price.

This guide for ‘how to make your house sell faster’ will take you through everything you need to do to make your house sell as quickly as possible, without much hassle.


1.      First Impressions DO Matter

When people come to visit your house for a viewing, the first thing they will lay their eyes on is your house’s exterior. So, if your front door hasn’t been painted properly, make sure you re-paint it, preferably a darker colour such as brown, dark green or dark blue – or you could, alternatively, go for a more bold colour such as yellow.  But the main fact to take away from this is that a bad paint job could delay the time it takes you to sell. This is one of the first and main tips to sell your house fast.

In addition, if you have a front garden, make sure it’s clear of any weeds and rubbish that may have flown in from the street. You might be thinking ‘if they buy the house, they will probably do this themselves, and they will probably change the colour of the door anyway, so what’s the point?’ The point is that first impressions matter and will affect the chances of your house being sold.

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2.      Tidy up

Ensuring that your house is tidy is one of the key steps when trying to make your house sell quicker. All your belongings should be put away and be in their place. This is so that the original characteristics of the house can be seen. Also, potential buyers will be able to picture themselves living in the house, without your messiness getting in the way of their vision.

Furthermore, if you generally have a very messy household (clothes on the floor and toys spread out everywhere in the kids’ bedroom) it will likely put potential buyers off, regardless of how well built and modern your house looks. So, if you are serious about following the steps to selling a house fast, you will not neglect this important tip.

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3.      Depersonalise

This point is similar to the previous step, but it gets much more personal. It’s quite a hard step for many who wish to sell their home because they may have lived there for many years.

It’s time to put away all your personal belongings. For example:

  • Family pictures, framed certificates or trophies.
  • Collectables – a stamp collection that’s on show may not be what potential buyers would want in their new home because it’s only personal to you.
  • Remove any objects that may be controversial, or are seen as unusual, from your home.
  • Bathroom items such as make-up, creams etc, should be out of sight too.

(Hint: A good way to go about depersonalising your home is to ask yourself whether most individuals would expect to own such items in their own home or would want to put them on show.)

The point of this step is to make it easy for them to picture themselves living in the house. Making sure that the house is more minimalistic and simpler will make the house appeal to the buyers more. This is one of the more specific tips to sell your house fast and is not as essential as the other suggestions but will definitely affect the time it takes to sell.


4.      Clean

This step is pretty self-explanatory, if you invite guests over to your home – you clean before they arrive. The same should apply when people come to view your house, whether it’s a professional giving your house a valuation, or a family is coming for a viewing – it’s vital that your house is in a clean condition. If your house is unclean it could subconsciously lower the professional’s valuation of your home or discourage potential buyers from purchasing.


5.      Make Improvements

If you want to know how to make your house sell faster, this step is quite crucial to take on board. You must make some upgrades, for example, if you have windows that let in cold air from outside, it is recommended that you install new windows or get some window insulation, as this may be a major factor for many buyers that will deter them from buying your house.

Bonus tips to sell your house faster:

  • Fix door hinges that may be making noises
  • Paint walls more neutral colours such as cream and white
  • If you have wooden floorboard, refinish them yourself
  • Cover up ceiling or wall stains
  • Install lights which are brighter
  • Make your garden look presentable and green

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Also, if you are able to spend some extra money on your house, such as adding a conservatory or making any other major improvements – your house will be sold much faster and will add more value to your home.


6.      Timing


When you’re trying to sell your house quickly, listing your property at the ‘right time’ might not be an option. But it’s important to note that if you want to know what to do to make your house sell faster, considering the time of year in which you decide to sell is essential.  The best time to sell a house is during Spring – specifically in March and preferably on a Monday. There are many other factors that can affect the average time it may take to sell your property that you need to take into consideration.

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7.      How are you Planning to Sell your Home?


The last, but not least, tip left in our guide on how to make your house sell faster is to choose a good estate agent. However, no matter how experienced they are, they can’t always guarantee that your house will sell quickly – due to time of year, your house’s condition and the location.

The good thing is that, at Fast Sale Homes we buy any house, no matter it’s condition, at the best price. This is the fastest way that you can sell your house, especially if it is an urgent matter. Furthermore, you aren’t required to pay any estate agent fees, and everything is taken care of by our professionals, leaving you with nothing but packing to worry about.


These are all the tips you need to sell your house quicker. If you follow all of them, you will undoubtedly see results and sell your house in no time!

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