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Selling My House during Halloween: Should I Put up Decorations?

front door Halloween decorPhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ 2m Media

As Halloween nears, it’s unquestionably a fun time to decorate your house and get it looking its scariest.

However, what if you’re trying to sell your house? How far can you go with the Halloween décor?

Selling your house over the holidays can be tricky.

As a general rule, you should lean towards natural decoration’s such as pumpkins, candles, scarecrows, corns and hay bales.

Here are some top tips to decorate your house over Halloween without haunting any potential buyers.

Clean and declutter

Ensure you declutter and deep clean your house before putting out the Halloween decorations. If you’ve got lots of extra furniture and items lying around, piling on the Halloween décor may overcrowd your house making it appear undesirable.

Don’t overcrowd

Don’t overcrowd your house with decorations! Your trying to impress buyers with your house, and not your decoration skills.

Going overboard on the decoration can make your house look crowded and uninviting, putting off potential buyers.

For example, don’t go overboard with the pumpkins, one or two is enough. You’re trying to show off your home and a house covered in ghost trails isn’t really your home anymore.

Treat the senses

Autumnal scents are welcoming but use them carefully and avoid any artificial smells. Instead try creating a natural and inviting smell. E.g. Simmer vanilla and cinnamon over the oven or hang rosemary around the house. Light autumn-scented candles such as pumpkin spice to give your house that seasonal feel. However, make sure you never leave a candle unattended.

That being said, no matter how many pumpkin pies you bake, it won’t cover the smell of dirt or cat litter. Make sure you refer to tip 1 and clean first!

pumpkin pie
PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ Brent Hofacker

This is a great technique giving your home that cosy and homely vibe, which attracts many buyers.

Go for class

For the best impression, make sure your Halloween decorations look smart and aren’t tacky. Try to avoid the bright orange plastic pumpkins and fake cobwebs.

Instead beautify your house, with decorations that complement your existing colours. So, if your home is done up with a warm, earthy colour pallet lean towards gold, forest green and red décor.  

Furthermore, if you’re using real flowers and pumpkins, make sure to keep them looking fresh. Buyers don’t want to see (or smell) decorations that are rotten.

Decorate to accentuate

When selling your house, you want to show off its selling points.

So, use your Halloween decorations strategically and highlight certain areas.

  • Does your home have a beautiful porch? Decorate these with pumpkins, corn, hay bales etc.
  • Unique fireplace? Place some autumnal candles and ornaments.
  • Long staircase? Wrap wreaths around the railing.
candles over a fire place
PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ Africa Studio

Keep it neutral

Ensure none of your Halloween decorations are politically themed. You don’t want to turn off or possibly offend potential home buyers. Save these decorations for next year!

Avoid Scary Halloween Decorations

Many home buyers bring younger children to view houses. Scary decorations will not be appreciated and can scare away potential buyers. You want to present your house to the best of its ability. Gruesome Halloween decorations can make it look messy and scream “go away!”

Here is a list of all the scary decorations you should avoid!

  • Blood and gore
  • Skeletons
  • Clowns, zombies or any other phobia inducing figures

If selling your house over the holidays becomes too much. Fast sale homes are here to help. We are keen to buy any house, for cash. If you want a quick and easy way to sell your home over the holidays, explore our website today!

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