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How to buy your dream house

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Are you currently wondering how to buy your dream home? Fast Sale Homes is here to help! We’ve listed the top tips you need to follow to turn your dreams into a reality. Our steps are simple and easy, making you ready for your new dream home in no time.

Sort out your current house first!

Pay off your current home

It is recommended that you pay off your current mortgage before moving into your new home. It is likely your dream home will come with a bigger mortgage, bills and fees. So, to set yourself up for success, make sure you can comfortably pay off your current home.

Find out your home’s current value

The budget you create for your dream home usually combines the value of your current house along with the money you’ve saved up. For this reason, it is vital to find out your home’s market value. Your home’s value usually increases over the years. Although if your home’s value is not what you desire, you can increase your chances of purchasing your dream home by following some easy steps to add value to your home before selling it.

Design your dream house

Now it’s time to design your dream home! Try not to get carried away with all the rooms and accessories you’d have with all the money in the world. Instead, focus on what you really need. Calculate how many rooms and toilets you require. What type of house will you be looking for? Are you looking to move to the countryside from London? What neighbourhood do you desire? There are lots of factors you need to consider. If you’re struggling to design your dream home and need some inspiration, check out pictures and home listings online.

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/Ollyy

Decide on a budget

Next, you need to consider your budget. To be successful you must be realistic and plan ahead. Make sure you acknowledge the extra costs that will come with your dream home. For example, the furniture you’ll need, decorations and maintenance costs. To gain a greater understanding of costs, compare prices of online listings.

If you find that your budget leaves you with little money for extra costs. However, you can make your home look expensive without breaking the bank.

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ DedMityay

Set a deadline

Fixing a deadline is a good way to stay organised, making sure you are ready to move in on your set date. Make sure your deadline is realistic and you allow yourself time to prepare. 

Once you’ve decided on a date, let the countdown begin! By this day, you’ll have bought your dream house and be moving in!

Secure your new home

Get a Mortgage

It is vital you do your research and find the mortgage rate right for you. Currently, over 8.3 million people in the UK are unable to pay off their debts and household bills. Make sure you do not fall into this trap. Ask yourself, do you need a fixed interest, an adjustable rate or an interest only loan?

Consult a professional if you are unsure which mortgage you desire, or how to get your mortgage pre-approved.

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ Elle Aon

Get A Home Warranty

Make sure your new home is covered with home warranty. You never know what is around the corner, with issues such as flooding, plumbing and rust effecting huge areas in the UK. To ensure your dream home is safe and secure, make sure you get your home warranty before moving in.  

If you’re looking to or currently struggling to sell your home. Check out Fast sale homes! They buy any house, in any condition, so you can buy your dream home instantly. It’s simple.

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What our customers have to say


Fast Sale Homes pretty much saved my life. I was under tremendous pressure facing repossession. I could not sleep, my family was suffering, and the stress was starting to over come me. Fast Sale Homes bought my house in just over a week and I settled my debts. My family and I are now putting our lives back together and moving on. I am not sure I would have made it without Ed and the team.

Keith, Hull

My husband and I found our dream retirement home in Somerset, however we just couldn't find a buyer for our long term home in Barnsley. We approached Fast Sale Homes, and found ourselves ready to move and complete on both the purchase and the sale in under a month. The Fast Sale Homes team were super helpful and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

Bernadette, Somerset

The team at Fast Sale Homes helped me through a difficult time in my life. They helped minimise the time it took and offered me a fair deal, all the while being polite and professional. Thank you Fast Sale Homes.

Parker, Stoke-On-Trent