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How to tell what kind of animal is in my attic: A Quick Guide

Hearing noises in the attic is quite a concerning thing. Is it a burglar, a demonic presence, or pests?  Unfortunately, we can’t help with identifying the first two, but if pests are the issue, then this blog post will help you identify what kind of creatures are in your attic.

In order for you to choose the best way to get rid of pests you will first need to identify what they are, as the method for getting rid of squirrels is different from the one for getting rid of mice. So, in order for you to be effective in ridding yourself of them, you will need to know what you are fighting against. Having pest in your house could be a reason to why your house isn’t selling if it’s on the market, so removing them as soon as possible and for good, will help you sell your house faster.

Do I have a squirrel in my attic?

Image credit: Svetlana Turchenich/Shutterstock

You can easily identify if a squirrel is in your attic by the loud noises of running and scratching, as squirrels can be known to be quite hyperactive and frantic. Simultaneously, their noises are more likely to be heard either in the early mornings or in the evenings later on.

Another way to tell that the animal hiding in your attic is a squirrel is if you find areas which have been chewed on such us woodwork and even wires, which can be very dangerous. However, if you think there is a squirrel in your attic, it’s best to make sure you contain it in that area so it can’t go anywhere else around the house. If it does, there is a great risk of it ruining your property due to its frantic behaviour, especially if scared. Another potential danger of it running around your house is if the squirrel has mites or flees.

How to get rid of squirrels from your attic?

When it comes to squirrels, poison should not be an option. Instead you should choose to purchase some tramps or cages. Usually the ones that make nests in your loft are mother squirrels and their babies, but if you don’t want to wait 4 months for the babies to mature and for the family leave on their own, calling a professional to help you remove them is the best idea.

Do I have mice in my attic?

Image credit: Raul Baena/Shutterstock

When it comes to mice, the noises they make can be described as nibbling and light scratching. They occur mostly at night, and there won’t be any vocal sounds, only light pitter-patter. They also like to chew on wood or electrical wires. These rodents know how to make their way through small gaps and can easily end up in your pipes, vents and walls, so you can expect to hear noises in those areas as well. Make sure you tackle the problem as soon as possible if you believe there are mice in your house as they can multiply fast and get from a few to a dozen quickly.

How to get rid of mice from your attic?

The most well-known way of getting rid of mice is by using poison or mice traps. However, this will only get rid of a hand few at a time, if you have a very big mouse issue in your house, the best approach would be to call a professional team to help you exterminate all of them. However, if you only have a handful of mice, the poison and trap methods should work just fine. Another option for animal lover is to get a cat, which will most likely get you rid of mice in the traditional way.

Do I have rats in my attic?

Image Credit: Bilal Kocabas

Rats can be a massive problem in the UK, with many households accommodating them unwillingly. Noises made by rats tend to be much louder than those made by mice. You’ll also be able to hear scurrying across the floor and scratching in isolated areas where they’ve made their way to. You will notice that if you tap on the area where the noise is coming from, they will get scared, become silent and move to a different area in the attic. It’s best to tackle the issue of having rats in your house fast as they can be very dangerous, not only to your property but also to your health.

How to get rid of rats in your attic?

Mouse traps are way too small to hold in a mature rat, and while live traps are an option, the best way of tackling rats if by letting a team of professionals to get rid of them, due to the health risk rats can bring to your family.

Do I have bats in my attic?

When it comes to bats, it’s very unlikely that you will hear any noise, unless they accidentally get stuck somewhere. You are most likely to know there is one in your house only after you see them fly across the room at night, probably giving you a good scare. If you’ve seen one in your house and you know they are most likely nesting in your attic, a good tip is to go outside during the night and watch them come in and out your roof, this way you can see their entry point.

How to get rid of bats in your attic?

One thing you should know is that while they may look scary, bats are completely harmless and they will not damage your house. They are also protected animals due to the fact that they are very good for our environment, so killing one is considered a criminal office. Simultaneously, it is a criminal offence to remove them in any way if they are breeding or nesting, unless it’s done by a team of professionals under the authority of a licence.

If you are experiencing any of these pest issues while you are looking to sell your house, you don’t need to worry, as you can sell your house fast with us, regardless of its state and form.

Feature image credit: By Lillian Tveit/Shutterstock

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